Why You Deserve a Boudoir Session Today

You’ve made your way to this page out of curiosity. You secretly want to have of a boudoir shoot, but negativity floods your mind. Society and culture has taught you to believe you’re not thin enough. Not curvy enough. Not tall enough. As women, we so often feel that we Just. Aren’t. Enough.


Who you are is exactly who you were meant to be. Value yourself – your soul, your mind, and even your body. A boudoir or beauty shoot with Chandelier Studio is designed to teach you to love yourself. Is fear still standing in your way? Perfect. That’s normal. Take the simple first step of sending me your contact info. Be vulnerable and brave and you’ll be rewarded with empowerment. I have a heartfelt love for women and will be your cheerleader from the first time we chat on the phone.

Maybe you still feel like you need a reason to celebrate yourself before you contact me to book your session.  Well I have a list of reasons ready for you!

1. Create a jaw-dropping gift for your wedding day, anniversary, Christmas, Valentines Day, Flag Day or International Doughnut Day.

2. Reward yourself for a weight loss or fitness achievement.

3. Don't postpone it because you think your body needs "work." I can do more to flatter your figure with my camera and lighting than you can do in 6 months at the gym!

4. You might need the confidence boost of letting me prove to you just how gorgeous you are. All women featured on my site are real women – moms, wivescancer survivors – whose beauty was showcased through their session and I promise I’ll do the same for you.

5. Give him fresh eyes for your beauty, confidence, femininity, and sensuality to spark your relationship.

6. Redefine or rediscover yourself after a major life change.

7. If you’re mom, you definitely need to treat yourself to a fun and transforming experience that is all about you. (This is the excuse I used when I had my shoot done!)

8. Celebrate who you are – your personality, your dreams, your desires, your body.

9. Because there’s a spark in your soul that believes you’re truly beautiful and you want to make it a fire.

10. In five years, you’ll regret it if you don’t do it now so make it a reality today!

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