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It’s normal for a woman to feel a little (or a lot!) nervous about having a boudoir shoot done. Here are some frequent concerns and my responses for you.

“I’d rather wait a few months/years until I’m in better shape”

We women all tend to focus on the imperfections of our bodies. Bruno Mars had it right when he said you’re beautiful, just the way you are. My primary mission is to help you get past any negative self-image and reveal to you how beautiful and sexy you are - today. Flattering lighting, posing, composition, and wardrobe choices are utilized to create stunning images that you will be thrilled you had taken.  You can also use your shoot as a motivator to reach your personal goals; book your session a couple months out to give yourself extra incentive to reach the mark you set for yourself.

“I don’t know how to pose or be sexy.”

Don’t worry about this! I will walk you through the nuances of each pose or action. You are not expected to have any modeling experience beforehand. You will gain confidence regarding your body as your photo shoot progresses, confidence which will last well beyond your session.

“I’m not comfortable naked”

We will utilize the concept of “implied nude” frequently to help you feel comfortable while still conveying a sexy image. For example, you may portray an action of undressing such as playing with a shoulder strap or unbuttoning your fly. You may be covered by a blanket or sheet, or the image may focus on your silhouette. It is possible for a woman to look just as sexy in a long coat and heels as she does wearing nothing!

“Will you ‘photoshop’ me?”

I use photoshop mainly to smooth skin and to cover blemishes like bruises, zits, and stretch marks, and also to add different effects to your images. Your body shape will remain virtually untouched. However, when previewing your images, if you are bothered by a certain aspect of your body in a photo you otherwise love, I will adjust it to your liking while ensuring it still looks natural.

“Will you use my photos for advertising?”

Only if you want me to! Each client will sign a Model Release after seeing her photos. In it you can choose which images you are comfortable with being public. Select specific photographs, ones that do not include your face or tattoos, or all of your images.  I had my boudoir shoot done while I was on Active Duty and knew I could have "adverse career implications" if my photographer didn't honor my request for privacy.  You can trust me to keep all aspects of your session private, which is one reason I don't outsource photo editing.

“Where do you photograph boudoir shoots?”

I have a beautiful new studio in my home that I use for photo sessions, however I usually utilize whatever space or area fits the style we want. No one else will be present for your session unless you choose to bring a friend. The shoot can be done at my home studio or at a house, hotel or other location of your choosing.

“How should I prepare?”

Treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure the day before. Be sure to rest well, hydrate, and apply lotion. Come with a clean face. Getting your hair and makeup done here is part of the experience and is not an additional fee.  I will apply false eyelashes if you like, however I highly recommend treating yourself to eyelash extensions two days before your shoot for their comfort and appearance.  Eye Candy Lash Lounge is my trusted medical spa in Albuquerque for this service, and their prices are very reasonable.

“What should I bring?”

Feel free to pack a suitcase or bring nothing but a pair of heels. It is a good idea to aim for lots of variety.  We will select the most flattering options from what you bring. I will have several items and props available from pearls to military apparel and guns, and each shoot will include some poses with Victoria’s Secret Angel-style wings. Often, the most fun pictures are the ones that are unexpected. Browse through Pintrest to get some ideas of what you like. Don’t feel like you need to restrict yourself to lingerie. Consider bringing some of the following: favorite shoes, jeans, swimsuit, robe, dress, sheer tops, cosy sweater, garter belt & stockings, man’s dress shirt and/or tie, boy short underwear, long gloves, a mask or costume, cute little sweater, whip, scarf or shawl, nipple covers, sentimental item, wedding veil/garter, white cotton tank/tee, flowers or petals, vintage clothing or items, jacket (trench coat to motorcycle style,) textured blanket, your pet, a fabulous hat, thong, or of course a bra and panty set - and don't forget a bottle of your favorite white wine! I would love to help you shop beforehand too.

"How does a shoot work?"

Step one, courageously call 517-896-3554 to set up your appointment!  I am truly excited for you and can't wait to work with you.  Once you are scheduled, we'll start planning.  I want to ensure I capture the style of image you desire, learn what you love most about your body, and understand fully your reasons for choosing to do such a special shoot. We'll keep in touch as you select your wardrobe and find images that have style that appeals to you.  I'll have a general game plan for your session before you arrive and we will add to it once we start shooting.  When you arrive, we will start playing your favorite music as we sort through your wardrobe options and select our favorites.  Since it is a day of pampering (and you are likely quite nervous at this point,) I add in a mini massage while doing your hair and makeup - I am a certified massage therapist and have training as a makeup artist, and I ensure you will have professional results in every part of your day.  You are encouraged to bring an adult beverage (avoid red wine as it stains teeth) to help you relax even more.  We usually start with beautiful headshots and a conservative wardrobe choice to help you get comfortable in front of the camera.  I'll coach you through the rest, and you'll get a sneak peek of 1-2 images while we are shooting.  If you are staying for the Gold Package, we will take a smoothie break when we amp up your hair and makeup, and then continue creatively shooting for the rest of our time together.  I'll contact you when I have completed the retouching and we will schedule your image reveal.  We will select your print/album options and place your initial order, and then I will give you access to your private online gallery where you can download web-sized images.  I hope this insight into the process helps ease your fears and builds your confidence!

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